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Shop-Built Mobile Tool Base

Drawing 1 My shop is small, so I need to be able to move my power tools easily. But manufactured tool bases are a bit more than my budget allows.

So I built a mobile tool base out of some scrap stock. All the hardware can be found at any home improvement center or hardware store. And it goes together quickly and easily.

First you’ll want to measure the base of the tool it’s going to support. And then cut the four 2×4s so they fit these dimensions.

The base frame is made by simply making half-laps at each corner, like you see in the illustration above. The half-lap joints make a strong level support surface for the tool.


Since it’s important to lock the mobile base in position when I use the tool, I made a simple brake by mounting a pair of hinges at one end of the base and attaching a brake piece.

Side View The brake adjustment is nothing more than a hole drilled through one end of the base and the hinged 2×4. A T-nut, threaded rod, and star knob (see illustration side view at right) were added to complete the adjustment assembly. Then by tightening the knob, the wooden brake is pulled against the caster wheels with enough force to keep the wheels locked in place.

Finally, I used lag screws to attached the tool securely to the base. Just be sure it’s securly fastened before you try to move it.

Good Woodworking,

Phil Huber
Online Editor, ShopNotes

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