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Changeable Insert Auxiliary Fence

When cutting rabbets on a table saw, I always clamp on an auxiliary rip fence. The problem is the clamps always seem to be in the way and the fence eventually gets all chewed up. So I made a permanant auxiliary fence with replaceable inserts as you can see in the drawing below.


I used ¾″ melamine to make the fence so material can easily slide along its smooth surface. Near the location of the saw blade, I made two 45° cuts to make a space for the replaceable inserts. I left one insert solid and then cut out another insert to serve as a sacrificial fence.

Now whenever I need to change my fence set up, all I have to do is to lift out one of the inserts and slide the other in place. One insert is always on the fence and since the other insert is small, there is never any problem finding a place to store it.

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Phil Huber
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