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Tool Recycling

Diagram I’m a bit of a pack rat and just hate to throw things away. Consequently, I’m always challenging myself to find a new use for an old, worn-out tool. Now, you might think that resurrecting a dull hack saw blade would be asking too much. But a simple need led me to discover a really useful way to put one back to work.

I like to use a sharp marking knife to make crisp, accurate layouts for my projects. But too often I couldn’t find one when I needed it. So out of necessity, I decided to convert one of my over-the-hill hacksaw blades into a handy and inexpensive marking knife.

To make the knife, I clamp about 4″ of the blade in a metal vise. Then I carefully bend it back and forth until the excess blade snaps off. A trip to the grinder follows. Here I bevel the broken end and give it a sharp edge, as shown in the drawing. And my once useless hack saw blade now has a new job.

Good Woodworking,

Ted Raife
Online Editor, Woodsmith

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