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Roller Stand Brace

Photo The roller stand I have in my shop really comes in handy. It’s quick to set up and adjust and provides the extra support I need at the table saw, drill press, etc. But it does have one minor flaw. The folding design of the legs can make it a little unstable. If a workpiece hits the roller wrong, it can fold right up and flop over. But rather than put up with this annoyance, I tried to come up with a good solution.

I figured that what I needed was an easy way to lock the legs in the fully extended position. And as you can see in the photo at right, the answer was pretty simple. I found a length of 2x4 and cut a pair of notches along one edge. The notches are spaced to slip over the feet of the stand when the legs are wide open. Now, when I set up the roller stand, it only takes a few seconds to add the brace and the whole arrangement is a lot more stable and useful.

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Ted Raife
Online Editor, Woodsmith

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