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Edge Trimming Guide


Trimming the solid-wood edging glued to a plywood panel has always been one of my least favorite tasks. So I’m always looking for a quick, easy, and accurate way to get it done. The router table setup you see in the photo at right just might be the final answer.

The key to the operation is a tall auxiliary fence that supports the plywood panel. It’s simply attached to the router table fence with double-sided tape. But now look close and you’ll see that the fence is suspended above the table top so that the oversize edging on the panel can pass beneath it (see drawings). Finally, a narrow cutout in the fence holds the flush trim bit that’s used to trim the edging.

Figure 1 Once the auxiliary fence and the flush trim bit are in place, the edging on the panels can be trimmed with a single pass along each side. The result is a great-looking panel and a woodworker who gets to move on to something more interesting.

Have a great weekend,

Ted Raife
Online Editor, Woodsmith

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