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Wing Nut Jig

Wing Nut Jig I like to make my own wing nuts for jigs and other shop projects. But after making a few by hand, I came up with a jig to safely cut them on the table saw, as in the photo at right.

Wing Nuts The jig rides on the rip fence and holds the blanks in place while they’re being cut. It’s designed to cut wing nuts from 1″-thick blanks, as you can see in the photo at left.

It’s made by gluing and screwing two hardwood supports to a ¼″ hardboard front, as in the drawing. (Shop Note: Make sure the screws are located above where the saw blade will pass.) A hardboard arm is screwed across the front to help hold the wing nut blank in place. Finally a guide and back piece are attached to the front to run on the rip fence, as shown in detail ‘a.’

Wing Nut Jig Diagrams To make a wing nut, start by drilling a circular opening at the top and a counterbored hole through the center for a T-nut and bolt. Then slip the blank in the jig to cut to size.

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