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Lazy Susan Tool Caddy

Lazy Susan Tool Caddy I needed a way to keep small hand tools organized, so I built the caddy shown in the photo at right. And to make it even more useful, it’s mounted to a lazy Susan. The lazy Susan is sandwiched between a hardwood base and a piece of ¼″ hardboard, as in the drawing below.

The caddy is made with pegboard sides held in grooved corner posts. Note: You’ll want to make sure the holes in the sides line up with each other. A ¾″-thick bottom screwed to the caddy keeps it square.

Lazy Susan Tool Caddy Diagram To divide the space inside the caddy, push ¼″-dia. dowels through the sides. Note: Depending on the size of the dowels, you may need to enlarge the holes in the sides slightly. The extra length of the dowels makes a great place for hanging tools (like the wrenches shown in the photo above) on the outside of the caddy. Finally, I attached a pair of self-adhesive magnetic strips to the outside to hold the smallest tools like small driver bits, a riffler, or a short, metal rule.

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Phil Huber
Online Editor, ShopNotes

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