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Foolproof Method for Cleaning Dirty Brushes

Four steps for cleaning dirty brushes One of the most frustrating things about finishing woodwork is the number of brushes you have to buy. It seems there’s just no good way to clean it. But I know woodworkers who have been using the same brush for years. Here’s their secret:

After wiping off the excess finish, rinse the brush in thinner several times. Then wrap the brush in a towel (Fig. 1).

Remove the towel, and squirt some dish soap onto the brush. Rub it in your hand to work up a lather (Fig. 2).

When the brush no longer feels slimy, rinse it in water, and then spin it between your hands to dry it out (Fig. 3).

Finally, straighten out the bristles with a comb, and wrap the brush in a paper towel until it finishes drying (Fig. 4).

Good woodworking,

Wyatt Myers
Online Editor, Workbench

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