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Auxiliary Fence Support

Auxiliary Fence Support Diagram There are many times when I need to attach a long auxiliary fence to the miter gauge on my table saw for extra support. But the weight of the auxiliary fence causes the miter gauge to tilt and catch on the corner of the saw table. Besides being annoying, it can cause an uneven cut. To get around this problem, I added an extension arm to the edge of the table. As you can see in the drawing, it’s nothing more than a hardwood guide that supports the miter gauge fence and keeps it from tipping when it’s unsupported by the saw table.

To make one, begin by making a T-slot from three pieces of hardwood, as in detail ‘a.’ Next cut a thin strip of wood to fit inside the slot and act as a rail for the extension arm.

I attached the rail to the edge of the saw table with machine screws and nylon bushings. What you’re looking for is to have the extension arm flush with the table. And to get a smooth, sliding action, you can rub some wax on the rail.

Finally to keep the arm from being pushed along by the weight of the auxiliary miter fence, I installed a threaded insert in the arm and then a thumb screw to lock it in place.

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Phil Huber
Online Editor, ShopNotes

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