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Overhead Clamp Holder

I found that I'd accumulated so many small clamps that storing them was becoming a problem. So I resolved to come up with a storage system that would keep my numerous bar clamps and spring clamps out of the way but still within easy reach. It turned out that the perfect spot was right over my head.

Clamp Holder As you can see in the drawing at right, my small clamp storage merely consists of a couple pieces of ¼″ plywood hanging from the joists of my basement shop. Each piece of plywood simply slips over a couple of large nails. When I need a clamp or two, I simply reach up, lift the plywood off its hangers and remove the clamps I need.

So now my clamp collection stays out of sight, out of the way, but always at my fingertips.

Have a nice weekend,

Ted Raife
Online Editor, Woodsmith

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