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Workbench with Lumber Storage

Finding the space for lumber storage has always been a problem for me. So when I built a new workbench recently, I decided to incorporate some lumber storage. The base of the bench is built primarily out of “two-by” stock. It consists of four trestles that support the benchtop and provide a place for creating a rack to hold lumber.

Each trestle is made up of two legs and an upper and lower rail. The legs are made by gluing together two 2×4s. Then a series of holes is drilled in the outside face of each leg. These holes hold short lengths of iron pipe that will serve as the lumber rack.

Lumber Storage Diagrams Lap joints connect the upper and lower rails to the legs. The lower rails also have a couple of notches that will hold some stretchers. These stretchers are just a couple of 1×4s that are screwed in place.

As an extra precaution against racking, a piece of ¾″- plywood is screwed to the inside face of the legs on one side of the trestles. This serves as a stiffener and also creates a convenient place for storing leftover sheet goods.

The top of the workbench is held in place with dowels. Simply drill matching holes in the top of the trestles and the underside of the workbench top. Then glue short dowel pins into the trestles and set the top down over them.

Finally, you can insert some foot-long sections of iron pipe into the holes drilled in the sides of the workbench legs. Then the lumber can be placed on top of the racks.

Have a nice weekend,

Phil Huber
Online Editor, ShopNotes

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