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Multi-Level Work Table

Tall Workbench While working on projects in my shop, I've found that one size doesn't fit all when when it comes to tables for gluing up and assembling projects. So I came up with this sturdy, convertible work table.

As you can see in the drawings, the table can be set at three different heights. When the bases are upright, the table is 35″ high. Turn the bases on their sides for 15″- or 21″-high work surfaces.

The bases are pretty easy to build out of "two-by" stock. To make a work table you'll need four lengths each of 34¼″, 17¼″, and 11¼″.

After cutting the pieces to length, make two frames by gluing and screwing the 11¼″ and 17¼″ pieces together as you see in the illustration above. Next, attach the 34¼″-long legs to the frames, as in the detail. All that's left is to set a sheet of plywood over the two bases to form the work surface.

Medium Work Table & Short Assembly Table

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Online Editor, ShopNotes

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