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Resawing On A Table Saw

Resawing On A Table Saw Photo Resawing is cutting thin pieces of wood from a thick piece of stock. (In effect, ripping on edge.) A quick way to do this is on the table saw.

Before you get started though, there are two safety precautions that are a "must." First, to reduce the chance of kickback, use a "zeroclearance" insert with a splitter (see Photo above). Second, be sure to use a push block when making a cut.

Resawing On A Table Saw Diagram When resawing, set the rip fence so you end up with slightly thicker workpieces than needed. That way you can sand or plane pieces to final thickness.

To avoid bogging down the saw, I use a two-pass method. Start with the blade raised just over half the width of the piece (End View). Then make two passes at this setting, fipping the piece over between passes. Note: Always keep the same face against the fence.

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