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Adjustable Auxiliary Fence

Adjustable Auxiliary Fence Photo Recently, when tuning up my table saw, I discovered that the face of the rip fence wasn't square to the saw table. And there was no way to adjust it to remedy the problem. Rather than admit defeat, I decided to add an auxiliary fence to the rip fence that could be easily adjusted.

The drawings below gives you the basic outline. The auxiliary fence is made from a piece of ¾″ MDF. This is bolted to the rip fence with a pair of counterbored machine screws, as shown in detail 'b.'

Adjustable Auxiliary Fence Diagram To allow the fence to be adjusted square to the saw table, I added four pairs of adjustment screws spaced along the length of the fence. If you take a look at details 'a' and 'b,' you'll see how these work. A set screw passes through a T-nut counterbored into the back side of the auxiliary fence. When the set screw is turned, it pushes on the rip fence to move it in or out.

Once the auxiliary fence is installed, it's a simple matter to adjust it perfectly square to the saw table, as shown in the photo.

Have a great weekend,
Ted Raife
Online Editor, Woodsmith

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