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Air Hose Caddy

Air Hose Caddy Photo I bought one of those yellow coiled hoses to use with my air compressor. And for the most part it worked great. The lightweight, compact design made it a nice addition to my small shop. But I encountered one minor problem. I didn't have a good way to store it. So I put my mind to it and came up with a simple solution.

The air hose caddy you see in the photo at right was the answer. First, I took a trip to the hardware store and picked up a section of 4″ PVC pipe. It's just the right size to contain the coiled up hose. You'll also need a couple of hose clamps, and two eye bolts with nuts.

Fig. 1 and 2
Fig. 1 shows how to use the clamps and eye bolts to attach the pipe to the compressor. But before mounting the pipe, I cut a notch in one end that fit the coupling on the end of the hose (Fig. 2).

Now, when not in use, the air hose can be stored conveniently out of the way but always ready and waiting.

Good Woodworking,

Ted Raife
Online Editor, Woodsmith

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