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Burr-Free Cuts in Aluminum

Jagged edge Cutting aluminum on a table saw isn't a problem, as long as you have a carbide-tipped blade. But it does tend to leave a jagged edge (see top photo).

In the past, my solution was to file the edge smooth. But while cutting aluminum angle recently, I inadvertently cut through a manufacturer's sticker on the workpiece. Once the cut was completed, I noticed the edge underneath the sticker was perfectly smooth.

Intrigued, I ran a strip of electrical tape down the length of the next piece of aluminum angle (see bottom photo). Electrical tape during the cut Then I ran the angle through the blade, tape and all. The tape eliminated burrs on the edge, resulting in a smooth, clean cut. Now, I no longer have to spend valuable shop time filing the edges clean after cutting aluminum stock.

Have a nice weekend,

Wyatt Myers
Online Editor, Workbench

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