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Scroll Saw Blade Holder

I use my scroll saw quite a bit, and I go through a lot of blades. So I came up with this convenient way of storing my blades while still keeping them close at hand. Now I don't have to get up every time I need a new blade.

Scroll Saw Blade Holder Diagram My solution was to make a blade storage tube out of PVC pipe, see drawing at right. I simply cut a length of ½" pipe and then cemented an end cap on one end. A second end cap can be slipped over the other end of the tube for use as a lid (don't cement this one in place).

To hold the blade storage tube, I use a couple of spring clips (the kind used to hang brooms or mops on the wall). Just mount the spring clips to the side of your scroll saw stand with a couple of sheet metal screws, see drawing. Then pop the blade storage tube into the spring clips.

One other thing. I used a red felt marker to color the lid of the storage tube so that I would know which end cap to pull off.

Have a nice weekend,

Phil Huber
Online Editor, ShopNotes

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